FREE LAPTOP YOJANA- Number #1 scheme for students

Free Laptop Yojana for students

The year 2021 bid adieu by introducing to us a completely different environment. With the increasing complexity, life has to go on, and most importantly, learning must not stop. Students and parents faced a tremendous number of difficulties due to several reasons such as rising inflation and proper lack of mode of education. Wherein, online education became a need of the hour and similarly, the need for laptops became persistent diurnally. Several students did not have smartphones or laptops, so it became the need of the hour to help students to be on par with others. 

The Free Laptop Yojana Scheme aims to provide students in schools with free laptops which would aid them in continuing education without hampering their productivity. Though it gets tedious in the long run life must continue and online education has taken the education sector by storm. Even the premier institutions are shifting towards the mixed mode to impart knowledge per the student’s convenience. Imparting and acknowledging education has become easier than before, but the problem of the digital divide seems to create a bastion between students.

Urban and Rural areas have varying levels of basic amenities available which can be a deterrence in students’ education. But the Indian government tried its level best to support every child in the best way possible. They came up with marvelous encouraging schemes to provide students with free laptops from its side. This is how many students got laptops from the government during the lockdown, which helped them to study. 

The laptop brands and the government work on a contractual basis. The Uttar Pradesh government shook hands with HP(Hewlett-Packard) to provide lakhs of students for free laptop yojana. This initiative was brought into the limelight and similarly, Lenovo and the Tamil Nadu government signed a contract to provide students with free laptops or also known as Personal computers. Moreover, HP was not the only brand considered for free laptop giveaway, other brands such as Lenovo, Acer, and Coconics were also considered from which laptops were also distributed to the students.

Personal computers could be used tirelessly for long periods without much hassle to put to charge every single time. Most importantly, built for student and office purposes, personal computers or laptops are of tremendous advantage. Not only does it help in reducing the bastion of the digital divide but also increases motivation amongst students. These models are student-friendly with a classic level of graphics and optimum screen size.

Most importantly, these are known to be “thin and light” to reduce discomfort. Lenovo, Acer, HP, and Coconics are some of the best laptop brands which have a warranty of about 3 years. The free laptop scheme from the government turned out to be fruitful and a lot of students have joined us on board and are flourishing. 

The upload will be used to determine the selection criteria, and then the merit will be selected. Based on the grades received, a merit list will be created. Interested candidates must fill out the UP Free Laptop Scheme Application Form online or via the direct links provided below.

We recommend that all students who plan to apply for the UP Free Laptop Yojana fill out the registration form at The Candidates must first download the notification and read the entire notification, including all contents, before filling out the application form. After that, only eligible students must apply for the Free Laptop Yojana 2022 before the deadline.

This Free Laptop Yojana Scheme was the need of the hour because, in such unfortunate situations of impending catastrophe, the future of our country should not be left behind. “Knowledge is light” and the right education is the key to garnering knowledge!