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Home automation is incomplete without the usage of cameras , CCTV Cameras , IP Cameras and many more cameras as per by the comfort wanted by the person. In terms of security cameras are the first thing that are installed because safety is one thing that every corporate , household ensure. A wide range of camera brands and designs to choose from in creating an appropriate security system integrated into a smart home. Security is of course a major concern of homeowners and business owners alike, and the desire to incorporate security features into home or business automation is logical and to be expected.

The most common is IP Camera ; with them it’s possible to see what’s going on at the protected property using a computer, tablet, or smart phone with Internet access from any remote location. IP cameras also allow programmed responses under selected conditions. For example, an IP camera could be set up to send an alert to a particular device or set of devices – the owner’s laptop or smart phone, for example, or both at once – whenever a person approaches the front door of a home. Receiving such a message, the owner could check out who was approaching and whether there was cause for alarm. It is a surprising thing that not only IP camera but even a “cylincam” which provide a wide angle of 360 degrees also “smart cloud camera” ; an HD camera supporting two way voice as well. The best cameras in Delhi/NCR is supplied at technygrow , having a wide range of cameras complying with the budget of the user as well and even with the increase in usage of cameras worldwide in every sector whether private or public , cameras are now can be said as necessity for every sector for the security purpose.

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