Affording Luxury!

The question often arises that installing home automation system is surely very expensive ; well this statement is completely deniable because the astonishing fact is that Home automation system can be installed in less than 30,000. In just slight amount of money one can control the basic home appliances in just a click. This amount is somewhat really surprising to have a luxury living. Thinking about the return on investments which are indeed very high and even the financial benefits derived from it are also unmatchable as just in handful amount of money everything can be controlled from lights to security cameras and what not.

The installation of home automation system was believed to be owned by only the ultra-rich , But nowadays anyone can have automated homes according to their need and budget. All the products under these system have a ranging like the lighting system might range from 3000-7000INR , security likely to be 12,000+ , even the climatic control can be done by raising or lowering the temperature.

Technygrow even provides you to open or close the curtain , control the AC, open or close the door of the garage with just a click from anywhere in the house. All home entertainment equipment can also be synced to be controlled by a single mobile application or remote. Automated systems can also be used to control owens, deep freezers and refrigerators in the kitchen and the most provocative fact is all this starting just from a range of 30,000INR. With the ever increasing usage of automation the prices are framed keeping in mind every income group. Such that each and every person can live a luxury life. .

It is not necessary to be rich to afford a luxury living ; with technygrow even you can afford luxury based on your budget.

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