Q. What is Smart Home Automation?

It is a coming of age technology which connects all the household appliances in your household through a centralized controlling and monitoring system, thereby giving an instant access to the homemaker to all the systems in the house. All the home appliances, that is, lights, security system, camera, television are connected through an Internet connection.

Q. Why should I install home automation system at my home?

Install it for an enhanced safety and comfort. Home automation system provides an extra level of safety. For example, typically, when a fire alarm is triggered, it takes at least a minute or so for taking a preventive action. On the other hand, home automation system would notify the homemaker in the blink of an eye. It can also automatically connect with the fire brigade via the emergency calling system linked to the home automation system.

Q. Is it affordable for average homemakers?

Absolutely! It takes less than 30K INR to install the home automation system. At this price, you can control and monitor all the basic home appliances. If you consider the return on investment through, it is very high. The fact that you can control and monitor the energy consumption in your home, makes it even more helpful from the view of financial benefits derived from it.

Q. Can this system be implemented anywhere other than home?

Yes, this system can be implemented anywhere other than home. It can be implemented in schools, colleges, hotels, boutiques, etc. The integrated home automation system is a one-stop solution for monitoring and controlling electrical appliances, thereby, saving the owners from a headache involved in monitoring it via other conventional techniques.

Q. Is it complicated to use?

No, it is not complicated to use. Though you will be more tech savvy when you use it, your day to day operations will become more streamlined and secure. As you will be controlling all your home appliances from a remote or a smartphone, all the functions are easy to use and implement.