About us

Technygrow, a unique blend of growth & technology, is simply a dream of a young entrepreneur who wish to simplify the people lifestyle. It's not just a company, but a revolution which proposes to formulate a society which is advanced, energy conscious and innovative enough to replace old and outdated measures.

India has always been a nation full of cultural diversities. Here people have different ideologies and beliefs which often guide their way of living. Anshul, also driven from the beliefs and ideologies that he took in his upbringing, resultant he gained the perspective from the outer world and thought of the advancements that could take place with the help of Automation technology in Indian era.

He noticed the upswing of the automation technology into the widespread society of India and decided to utilize the same for creating effective home & workplace solutions, that is not only easy to use but also energy efficient. That's how Technygrow shaped from a benevolent idea. Via Technygrow automation solutions, Anshul envisions to curate and create a new era of living,

where the man, machine and nature grow in accord with one another. In literal words, Technygrow gives you intelligent home and workplaces, enabling to make a smarter living. Being the Best Smart home automation service provider, Technygrow delivers affordable and easy to use IoT solutions for home, workplaces, hotels, spas, etc.

We at Technygrow, deliver energy & enactment on one platform that bring out the automation that is easy for our family to use and enjoy. Relish the most with the most intuitive touch on your smartphone. Imagine turning up the heat, streaming the high-res music, diming the lights, with just one touch on your application. Being super protective with one click locking your doors and arming the security system. It's all possible with Technygrow automation solutions.